Category: Known Issues

Known Issue: Math Operators

The mathematical operator block has not been fully implemented, yet. We’re working on it, and thanks for your patience.

Known Issue: “>>> Continue Query” messages

When you use a query that includes more than one condition block, the results you receive may not include all the expected details, and may include messages such as “>>> Continue Query”. We’re aware of the source of the problem, and working to fix it.

Known Issue: Aggregates

There is a problem with the way that aggregates are being computed by the reasoning engine. We’re working on it.

Known Issue: Windows Edge Compatibility

We have received reports that in some circumstances the save workspace button in the demo is not responding in Windows Edge. We are working on a fix. Thanks for your patience.

Known Issue: Changes in Declarations Not Reflected in Selectors

Right now, if you create an object with an object declaration block, to say “Socrates is an object”, it will create a “Socrates” object block in the “Known Objects” section of the toolbox. If you drag the “Socrates” object block into the workspace, and then edit the object declaration block to read “Plato”, the “Socrates” …