Blawx v1.0.0-alpha Released

Blawx v1.0.0-alpha Released

Blawx v1.0.0-alpha is now available on GitHub.

Version 1 is nearly a complete rewrite of Blawx in order to introduce a number of major improvements all at the same time:

  • Blawx now relies on the s(CASP) language and SWI-Prolog reasoner in the back end, giving Blawx users access to features such as natural language explanations and hypothetical reasoning
  • Blawx now includes a web app to allow for server-side storage of your encodings, and zero-click deployment as an API.
  • The user interface of the Blawx development environment has been significantly improved, with live code generation, compiler warnings, and more.

The new version of Blawx will be deployed live on the “Try” section of soon. Work continues to bring the documentation up to date. Issues should be raised in the GitHub repository.

See this blog post by Jason Morris for more details.

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