New Feature: Plain-language attribute blocks

New Feature: Plain-language attribute blocks

One of the design objectives for Blawx is readability. Blawx code is readable if a non-programmer who speaks English can look at the code on the screen and have a reasonable intuition of what it means.

We have added a feature to the development version of Blawx that makes your Blawx code much more readable: customized attributes.

The Old Way

Let’s say you want to have information about specific species of animals, and how many legs they have. You might create an ontology like this:

That would give you an attribute block that looks like this:

Helpful, but not awesome. “Bear’s legs is 4” is not how an English speaker would usually say “A bear has 4 legs.”

The New Hotness

Introducing the attribute customization block!

The attribute customization block allows you to specify whether the object or the value should come first, and what text should appear before, between, and after them on your attribute selector block.

Now, your attribute selector block looks like this:

Or, however else you want it to!

If you would like to try the new feature it is available at our live development site. When the development version is released as a new Alpha, we will also update all the documentation to use these new, more readable blocks.

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