Blawx named as finalist in ALTA Awards!

Blawx named as finalist in ALTA Awards!

Blawx’s Finalist Badge in the Startup Category of the American Legal Technology Awards

On Monday it was announced that Blawx has been named as a finalist in the first-ever American Legal Technology Awards, in the category of “startup.”

The other two finalists in the startup category, Luminance and Legalmation are both inspiring companies, doing impressive things with the newer generation of data-based artificial intelligence. That Blawx, an open source tool in alpha release, is counted in their company is a huge honour. But it is not an accident.

The ALTA awards are the brainchild of Patrick Palace, Cat Moon, and Tom Martin – three people that I have followed in the legal technology space for years. They are all tireless advocates for reform in the legal profession, and see legal technology as a means to an end – justice. Which is why the criteria for the startup category was:

A legal technology startup company that has created a product or service that shows significant promise in providing outsize benefits to itsĀ users.

You don’t have to have succeeded, yet, but you do need to be actually building something different. And success is measured by the benefits to users, not the financials. That’s got Patrick, Cat, and Tom written all over it.

Thank you to the judges for the honour of being nominated. And thank you to the sponsors of the awards for making them possible. And thank you to Patrick, Cat, and Tom, for creating a contest that can shine the spotlight on tools like Blawx.

Head Legal Nerd, Blawx

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