Month: July 2020

Blawx Demo at Docacon 2020

I had the pleasure of demonstrating Blawx and docassemble-blawx at Docacon 2020, which was held online in late June. I demonstrated an encoding of the rules of Rock Paper Scissors being used to power a docassemble interview that determines the winner of games. The video is about 6 minutes, and is embedded below.


In Blawx, all information is held in objects and attributes. An object represents a collection of information, and an attribute represents a single piece of information. An attribute has a type, which is either a data type, or a category. If an attribute has a data type, only values of that type can be assigned …

The Blawx Encoding Process

The process of encoding rules in Blawx typically follows a four-step process. What Kinds of Things Are We Talking About? The first step of the process is to tell Blawx what sorts of things you are going to be talking about. You do this by describing the “objects” and “categories” that are important. A category …