Updates to the Live Blawx Demo

Updates to the Live Blawx Demo

Hopefully it will not make too big a difference for users, but we have made some changes to the back-end of the live Blawx demo that I’m really excited about. We are now running the current open source containerized version of Blawx (version 0.2.2-alpha) on its own server at app.blawx.com.

There is some possibility that old .blawx files will not work with the new version. If you experience problems, try deleting all of the “true” and “false” blocks in your code and replacing them with new ones from the toolbox. That may solve the problem.

Moving to the containerized version of the repository means that we are going to be able to upgrade the live demo server much more quickly after new versions of Blawx are released, usually in a matter of minutes.

Since the initial open-source release, in addition to simplifying the development and deployment process, we have solved multiple problems with how Blawx deals with mathematical calculations (math operators and aggregates like “average” now work properly), and enhanced the override functionality so that it is easier to write defaults and exceptions.

For details on the new way Blawx deals with defaults and exceptions, check out this post in the Support section.

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