Blawx Updates: New UI and “Include” for Code Re-Use (Video)

Blawx Updates: New UI and “Include” for Code Re-Use (Video)

We’ve made a few user interface changes to Blawx. One of the problems we regularly ran into was running out of room to play. So we moved the alpha version to its own full-screen environment, so you can make the interface as big as you would like.

What’s Next?

If there’s something in particular you would like to see, let us know.

Here are some things we’re looking at doing in the near term:

  • Additional and updated tutorials and documentation.
  • A “headless” API version of Blawx to allow web applications to ask questions and get answers in code.
  • A demonstration integration of that headless version with another popular web tool, probably Docassemble.
  • Features for keeping track in a bi-directional way of which rules in Blawx are related to which sections of your source rules.
  • Additional language features like functions for manipulating strings.
  • Additional data types like dates and times.
  • Various bug fixes and user interface improvements.

More to come…

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