Month: August 2019

Tutorial: Generating Fact Scenarios For Testing and Search

To follow along with this Tutorial, you will want to have gone through the Advanced Tutorial: Encoding LSAT Questions. In that tutorial, we created an ontology for the LSAT practice exam questions 6 through 10, and showed you how to encode question 6 to find out if specified schedules are valid. Questions 7 through 10 …

Known Issue: Math Operators

The mathematical operator block has not been fully implemented, yet. We’re working on it, and thanks for your patience.

Known Issue: “>>> Continue Query” messages

When you use a query that includes more than one condition block, the results you receive may not include all the expected details, and may include messages such as “>>> Continue Query”. We’re aware of the source of the problem, and working to fix it.

Known Issue: Aggregates

There is a problem with the way that aggregates are being computed by the reasoning engine. We’re working on it.