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User Friendly Rules as Code on the Web


There is no software to install. Blawx can be used from wherever you have access to the web, and can power any tool that can access the web.


Blawx has features specifically designed to make it easier to code complex, changing legal rules and regulations.


It’s so easy, anyone can learn how to encode legal knowledge in Blawx.

Yes. Even lawyers.

Blawx in a Nutshell

The most powerful automated legal reasoning tools, and the easiest interface to learn:
Together at last.

Getting a computer to do math used to be hard. 
Then there were spreadsheets.
Getting a computer to do legal reasoning used to be hard.
Now there’s Blawx.

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Blawx Features

Free, Open Source
Write Rules,
Not Processes
Friendly Drag-and-Drop Interface
Add Legal AI to Any Tool that can Access the Web
Make Rules, Laws, and Contracts Testable

And Much More 

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Our Team

Jason Morris


Jason is a coder, former lawyer, and CEO of Lexpedite Legal Technologies Ltd.

Want to host your own Blawx server?

`docker run lexpedite/blawx`